Training Courses

The training courses I have been involved with

I have been involved in numerous training courses whilst being a teacher. One of the main training courses I have taken part in was the Microsoft Peer Coaching Program. The Peer Coaching Program is designed to help schools implement a professional development model that can enhance standards-based instruction by assisting teachers to offer students engaging, technology rich, learning activities.

This program trains teachers to serve as peer coaches for colleagues. As coaches the teachers assist their peers on identifying ways that technology can strengthen classroom curriculum and enhance their student’s academic achievement. The coach also helps their colleagues to develop the necessary technology skills and instructional strategies need to integrate technology into teaching and learning.

I was also involved in the Inspiring families program, this involved being considered to be an inspiring person. On the program we were shown how to help and motivate students who may have self-esteem issues. I found this to be very rewarding program and have used what I learnt on this program many times in my teaching career.

I am currently a Generic tutor for PGCE students who attend our school. This involves ensuring that the trainee teachers I am responsible for meet all of the standards in their folders. It also involves supporting them with help with lesson planning, classroom management and generally all aspects of being a teacher.

I also mentor NQT students in our school, I support the NQT’s by helping them find and use new innovative technologies in their lessons. This helps the NQT’s engage and inspire their students and helps the students develop a new enthusiasm for their subjects and school.

I have also run many inset courses myself ranging from how to use basic Microsoft office programs to how to create and edit pod casts as well as how to use Google docs effectively.

Another successful course that I ran was show the Design & Technology department how they can us Microsoft Office programs to record verbal feedback for the students to use and improve their work. This has had a very positive effect on the students as well as the department.

All of the courses I have run I have had positive feedback from the people who have taken part in them. You can find some examples of my work in the resource section of the website.

I was also lucky enough to attend the Plymouth E-learning conference 2011. This was a hugely inspiring event with many key people at the cutting edge of technology and E-learning in attendance. I got to attend a number of talks as well as make some valuable contacts with scope to work on collaborative projects. I would strongly advise if you get the opportunity to attend this event in the future to take full advantage of this opportunity as you will not be disappointed.

I have attended the 1st Microsoft Education Forum, I found this to be a very interesting and inspiring event. The event was held to discuss what Microsoft should do next within education, as well as to show what Microsoft’s future plans where for their involvement within the education system. I hope that Microsoft decide to continue with this forum idea.

I have had the privilege of attending two Partners in Learning conferences these have always been organised to the highest standard. I have presented at the most recent Partners in Learning conference, the presentation was on how we use Skype in the classroom at Because of how the presentations were received by the delegates at the conference as well as my work on The KINECT Generations Project, I have been asked to help out at the Microsoft stand at BETT 2012. I am very excited about this as I have wanted attend the BETT show for a long time and never thought I would be asked to help out on the Microsoft stand at BETT.