Free Microsoft Programs: Part 2

Hi all, as promised here is part 2 of the free programs that Microsoft offers.


Pivot is a visual way of presenting and analysing data, from Microsoft Live Labs. It’s very difficult to describe in words, so perhaps the best way to see what it can do is to watch this video from the TED Conference 2010

You can download pivot here : and use it straight away with the Pivot Collection


DeepZoom allows students to create image compositions that can be viewed at different resolutions. Photos can be embedded within one another making it an ideal resource to deepzoom20composer20splash_3develop thinking skills and digital storytelling.

A great example of the use of  DeepZoom technology can be found at the Hard Rock Café – (You will need the Silverlight plug in to view this)

To make your own Deep Zoom compositions, download a free copy of DeepZoom Composer

You can find a series of tutorials about how to use DeepZoom Composer on the UK Teachers Blog

Live@edu/Office 365

Outsource your email and collaboration solution using this free offering – give all of your office365_2staff and students a 10GB Exchange mailbox, 25GB storage and collaboration space, access to the office web app – oh – and it works on almost any platform and in almost any browser, too.

Bing Translator

Ever been stuck with a bit of text or a website that’s in a language you don’t speak? Bing-logoNeeded to get something across to a teacher across the seas? Or wanted to have an IM conversation that wasn’t limited by language barriers? Bing Translator bridges the gap between languages, so whether you’re chatting to someone or reading an article, you’re covered.

In part 3 will be talking about cloud based services and apps. Until then thanks for reading.