The KINECT Green Screen

Hi all I have finally got around to making my first KINECT application! Well adapting the sample supplied with the KINECT SDK, but I am still very pleased with it. At we run a course called creative i-Media, if you’re a teacher you have probably heard of it. Anyway part of the course involves creating a movie trailer, I thought it would be a great idea if we could use Green screen technology to make some of these trailers rather than have 30 film trailers filmed in the school corridors. I looked up how to set up a green screen and then discovered that the KINECT is capable of this and that there was a sample program that allowed you to do this. I decided that although the sample was good I could make it better by adding a few things to it (The below video shows the program working).

The KINECT Green Screen

Since I have created/adapted this we as a school intend to use it for year 5 day and several teachers are interested in using it in their lessons. An example of which is history, the teacher wants to add historical photos to the background and teach their lesson from different virtual locations. The media department is also interested in using this for obvious reasons. I hope you enjoy using the program. As I said in the video I will make a generic version of this program without the branding at a later date but if you can’t wait for that you can download this program from here. Please check out for more KINECT programs as well as if you would like any help from the K-Team.

My next blog post will be about Windows Phones running windows 7.5 which have been given to students for two weeks to see what they can do with them, until next time.

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