Part Four of “The KINECT Generations Project”

Kinect Generations Project

Part Four of “The KINECT Generations Project”

Date: 06/10/2011

Ok so its been a while since I have updated everyone on the work I am doing with the KINECT. this is mainly due to the fact I have been chasing down permission slips for students to be videoed. I will be doing a proper full update once I have all of those slips in. I have been working with our SEN department on how the KINECT can be used within the classroom to help stimulate and engage students with SEN like I said i will be doing a post on that later once I have all those permission slips. In the meantime though I tried the KINECT out with some year 9 students, the overall response I got from the students was amazing. They loved how they could take a topic that was not that interactive and could immerse there selves via the KINECT.

After the lesson I asked my students to write down which subjects they felt the KINECT could be used in as well as what they thought of the lesson. the results can be found below in the video.

More to come very soon…….

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