Part Five of “The KINECT Generations Project”

Kinect Generations Project

Part Five of “The KINECT Generations Project”

Date: 18/11/2011

Hi all, as mentioned in my last update I have been working closely with the SEN department at our school. We have been using the Microsoft KINECT to help develop hand eye co-ordination, motor skills, building confidence as well as making learning fun.

What I loved about this particular situation was that the students all decided to help each other and encouraged each other to take part within the lesson. We covered a wide range of topics from using Augmented Reality (AR) to learn about Geography to visual stimulation by creating pictures with the movements of the student’s arms and hands. The students particularly like the full skeletal tracking section of the lesson.

All of this brought up some very interesting conversation from the students. They all started talking about how they would use this in various different subjects and how they could have used it for what they had already been learning about from previous lessons

To my surprise all of the students were engaged and wanted to take part in the lesson. I was told to not expect too much participation as I was not the student’s regular teacher.

At some points in the lessons the students where teaching each other on how to use the KINECT and explaining to each other how the KINECT would be used in specific subjects. This built up a great sense of achievement and ownership. I was really happy to see the students fully engaged in the lessons and the fact they enjoyed the lessons.

Although I have used the KINECT with a wide range of classes all of which loved using the technology in their lessons, I wanted to focus on students with Special Educational Needs. I felt that the KINECT could offer something special to these particular students who were not always forthcoming when participating within lessons.

From the video below you can see all of the students where really keen to take part in the lesson; this built up their confidence as well as aided there hand eye co-ordination and motor skills, as mentioned earlier. To a vast majority of the students in the class this was a major barrier in their learning and this project helped them overcome this boundary.

Using the Microsoft KINECT with SEN Students

I would be more than happy to share the lesson plan and resources used for this lesson. Just drop me a line and I will forward them on to you. I also plan on creating a VCT based around this project for the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network, so the information about this will also be in that. For those of you who are not aware about the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network please have a look at one of my previous posts or visit here.

I will be continuing with this project over the next few months as I strongly feel that the KINECT is one of biggest leaps in technology within education for a long time! So please keep checking back.

You can follow the development of this project via the KINECT Generations tab on the menu bar.


Part Four of “The KINECT Generations Project”

Kinect Generations Project

Part Four of “The KINECT Generations Project”

Date: 06/10/2011

Ok so its been a while since I have updated everyone on the work I am doing with the KINECT. this is mainly due to the fact I have been chasing down permission slips for students to be videoed. I will be doing a proper full update once I have all of those slips in. I have been working with our SEN department on how the KINECT can be used within the classroom to help stimulate and engage students with SEN like I said i will be doing a post on that later once I have all those permission slips. In the meantime though I tried the KINECT out with some year 9 students, the overall response I got from the students was amazing. They loved how they could take a topic that was not that interactive and could immerse there selves via the KINECT.

After the lesson I asked my students to write down which subjects they felt the KINECT could be used in as well as what they thought of the lesson. the results can be found below in the video.

More to come very soon…….

Microsoft Partners in Learning Forum UK 2011

It’s been a while since I last blogged mainly due to moving house and working on several projects (more about that later). I thought I would take the time to tell you all about what’s probably the best CPD opportunity you will have this year. I am of course talking about the Microsoft Partners in Learning Forum that is taking place Thursday 24th November that is taking place at the Microsoft Campus in Reading, here is a video from last years Microsoft UK Partners in Learning Forum. I had the privilege of attending this forum before and really enjoyed the opportunity. I can guarantee that if you are fortunate to attend this event you will leave inspired and engaged. Details on how to sign up for this even can be found here along with details of who is speaking.