Part Three of “The KINECT Generations Project”

Kinect Generations Project

Part Three of “The KINECT Generations Project”

Date: 06/09/2011

Really excited I have finally got to use the Microsoft KINECT with some of the students the results of this can be found in the video below. They loved every minute of it. We looked at using the cursor control program along with Microsoft’s World-Wide Telescope to explore the solar system and look at different planets. The students relished in the fact they were immersed in the process rather than sat there listening to the teacher. Even students who would sometimes be disengaged in the thought of being involved in the learning process sat up and took notice and wanted to be involved.

Another program I have tried out is the Augmented Reality program. You would have seen my daughter Rosie using this in a previous post. We used this program to look for and locate different countries of the world. The students really enjoyed this as they had not really seen anything like this before. Once they had learnt how to control the earth in their hands this became easy for them to position the globe where they want it.

We then had a very special guest appearance by Dan Roberts aka @Chickensaltash he showed the students a KINECT program that comes free with the KINECT SDK package (he also brings a new meaning to the term “The Funky Chicken”). Normally used as a simple game we used it to show the students how Physics engines work with in ICT as well as how skeletal tracking works. The students really enjoyed this and asked lots of questions about how it all work and how they could make their own versions or variations of the program. The students are now very geared up for the start of the academic year.

Using a Microsoft KINECT in a classroom

I intend to look at how else the Microsoft KINECT can be used in other subjects within the curriculum. All of this innovation can be picked up for around £100 as all of the software needed to set this up is free via Microsoft. I can honestly say it is the best bit of technology I have brought in a very long time.

More to come soon…

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