The KINECT Generations Project: Part 2

Kinect Generations Project

Part Two of “The KINECT Generations Project”

Date: 01/09/2011

Ok so I have had the KINECT for just over a day now and I have found a number of codes/applications already created for the KINECT. One of which is a cursor control application so I downloaded and tried it out. It works brilliantly really easy to use. I have created a video below which shows how you can use the KINECT microphone array in conjunction with the cursor control; I thought that the best way to try this out is by using Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope. If you haven’t seen the Microsoft video have a look at my previous augmented reality post.

It appears that as I am writing this, waiting for the YouTube video to upload, that @Lanky_Boi_Ray has already been playing around with this and has blogged about it already here is his blog entry about this.

Anyway regardless if this has already been talked about it is still very cool. I still love the fact that you can combine the voice recognition with the cursor control.

In fact the KINECT is so easy to use even my 2-year-old daughter Rosie can use it. In the video below she is controlling the Earth by the movement of her hands.

This is an excellent example of how we can use the KINECT and Augmented Reality within the classroom making education accessible and inclusive regardless of age or experience. More to come soon…


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