The KINECT Generations Project

Kinect Generations Project

Hello, the eagle eyed of you will of noticed that I have revamped the website with a new colour scheme and banner I hope you like it.  I am please to announce the start of a project I am going to be running which is called as you might of guessed  “The KINECT Generations Project” I have a dedicated section of my blog where you can find all my blog Entries related to this project. part one is below but please have a look at the dedicated section which can be found here or under the heading “KINECT Generations” on the menu bar above.

Part One of “The KINECT Generations Project”

Date: 31/08/2011

So after some thought I decided to go out and buy a KINECT sensor before going back to school, this is so I could have a proper look at what it can do in my own time. I am really glad I did it is amazing and I have only just scratched the surface, as I type this I am patently downloading Visual Studio Express so I can get on to the programming side of things.

So what have I done so far, I have installed the KINECT SDK software and hooked up the KINECT sensor to my laptop. I then started to have a play around the speech recognition software that comes with windows 7. Now normally I would say stay away from speech recognition, as it can be quite temperamental. For those that of you who know me I have got a little bit of a Westcountry accent so speech recognition does not normally go hand in hand with that. I am not sure if it’s the software that Microsoft supplies with Windows 7 or the fact that the KINECT has a Microphone array but it works fine I am even using it now to dictate this blog post!

I have also looked at the sample skeletal viewer which comes with the KINECT SDK software. I am currently in a small office which is about 2 meters squared with a desk and built-in wardrobes, and it picked me up fine. All in all so far I am really impressed how easy the KINECT is to set up to a Laptop or PC and get results. It just works and I cannot wait to use this with my students! I will be doing more updates as the project progresses so please keep checking back or subscribe to the blog so you never miss an update.

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