Photo Gadget: The quick and simple way to reduce image sizes!

I cannot count the amount of times that I have been in a lesson where a student has come up to me and said they cannot save their work because they have ran out of space on their area. 9 times out of 10 the reason is that they have saved numerous images to their area and have not check the size of the file. I recently discovered this quick and easy to use web tool that allows you to right click an image and select what size you want to make the image have a look at the inserted image for the options available. you can chose to overwrite an image or just replace the image with your chosen size.shot01

Here is a step by step guide for Photo Gadget:

Note: Photo Gadget integrates with Windows Explorer so you will not start it like other programs. To use Photo Gadget after successful installation simply follow instructions available here:

Step 1.
Select your pictures in Windows Explorer. 

Step 2.
Right-click on any picture file and choose Photo Gadget Picture Resize.

shot02Step 3.
In the Photo Gadget dialog choose the new size for your pictures and click Ok.

Step 4.
You are now ready to send your pictures to friends or family.

I use this program every single day and would be lost without it! To get Photo Gadget please follow this link.