Microsoft Partners in Learning Easter Camp 2011

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to attend the Partners in Learning Easter Camp run by Microsoft in reading. I am really glad I took this opportunity to attend this event with Dan Roberts (@Chickensaltash) and Ben Rowe (@itsmerowey). I met some really awesome people, who shared similar views as myself and the use of new technologies.

We were shown around the UK head office of Microsoft which is pretty imposing space as it is five big buildings on an industrial estate. you can see from the picture that it is a very impressive building.

Whilst at the camp we where introduced to a number of technologies which could be used practically within teaching and learning. Some of the technologies we were shown you might already be familiar with but for those of you who are not that familiar I intend to go through a them briefly.

one of the first technologies we where shown was called Auto Collage. This is the Ronseal of the Microsoft world as in it does exactly what it says on the tin. It will take all of your photos and turn them into a collage automatically. I have used this before and it has become an tool I use to make amazing pictures for personal use as well as for displays.


The next tool we were shown was the Community Clips software. This software is simple and easy to use once you download it, a small icon will appear in you Office products ribbons. When you hit record it automatically records everything you do as well as everything you say. The clever bit is that if you make a mistake when recording you don’t have to save the recording which means you can just get rid of the recording without taking up any of your hard drive space.

Another tool which was shown was Windows Live Writer. This tool is incredibly useful if you have a blog or intend on writing a blog. it is basically a very easy to use front end for updating your blog. You can insert videos, pictures even audio clips. On the second day we created Innovids I based my Innovid on how to use Windows Live Writer this can be found below. If you get the opportunity to go to the Microsoft Partners in Learning Easter Camp take the opportunity you will not be disappointed.

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