What is Screenjelly?

What is Screenjelly?

Screenjelly is a free service that records your screen activity along with your voice and lets you share it as a video with your friends via Twitter, Facebook or email. It’s the quickest way to show what’s on your screen and get instant feedback. Screenjelly does not require any software download or install. It is 100% browser-based and relies on Java to record your screen activity. That’s why there’s no faster, easier way to share what’s happening on your screen right now. Just press the red button and start recording within seconds. It’s that simple.

Like jelly, knowledge is meant to be spread. But emailing can be a time-consuming and ineffective way to share visual information. Instead of writing out a lengthy tutorial, Screenjelly lets you SHOW how it’s done. Simply press the red button and record the process on your own computer. You can even add a voice explanation. Screenjelly will save your screen recording (and voice) as a flash video, allowing you to quickly and easily share your knowledge.

But Screenjelly can do much, much more. The easy-to-use service also lets you tap into the Twitter community for instant feedback and tips. And it enables everyone—designers, coders or everyday consumers—to quickly share visual information with the world. This is the power of spreading with Screenjelly.

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