Knotebooks: The text book killer

Knotebooks: The text book killer

Knotebooks are a new way to learn science online. Want to learn about gravity? We’ll show you clear, concise and correct knotebooks so you can understand the concepts.

But what if it doesn’t click? Everyone has a different learning style, right? And only you know how you learn best…

So make that section easier! Or swap that explanation out for a video. Or maybe see how students at MIT or Harvard learn about gravity. Swap out any section in any knotebook with different material, difficulty levels, formats and styles until the explanations are just right for you.

Keep clicking until it clicks, then save that lesson to your favorites and share it with classmates and friends.

What are knotebooks? Knotebooks are what ninjas use to learn science. Knotebooks are textbook killers.

Click the image link to see Knotebooks in action!



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